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The Cali Baja Bi-National Mega-Region is a globally unique bi-national location that offers the most COMPETITIVE business platform in North America, by leveraging complementary resources and capabilities, it offers “The Best of Both Worlds”.

Cali Baja is located in the Border region between California and Baja California, Mexico.  It includes San Diego County, Imperial County and the State of Baja California in Mexico.

With a combined population of more than 7.1 million, Cali Baja boasts the largest concentration of population along the U.S-Mexico border and a dynamic labor force of 3.8 million.

Cali Baja provides access to the lucrative California and North American markets, is strategically located to access global markets in the Pacific Rim and is a gateway to the emerging Latin American markets.

Cali-Baja by the numbers

Why do business here?

Global Leader in Advanced Manufacturing

The unique bi-national region supports diverse manufacturing opportunities in the sectors of aerospace, automotive, biotechnology, consumer electronics, defense, medical devices, shipbuilding, and telecommunications.

The complementing capabilities, resources and business costs from both sides of the border, make Cali Baja one of the most COMPETITIVE business platforms for Manufacturing and Logistics to serve the Northamerican market.

Source:  Cali-Baja